Friday, April 12th

6:00 PM

Ballroom D & E • Welcome & Dinner • Micah Alles and Jonah Bailey

7:00 PM

Ballroom D & E • Atomic Con Pitch Session • Jonah Bailey

8:45 PM

Ballroom D & E • Board Games • Micah Alles

Packard Room • Escape Atomic Con • Dylan Goings

Toscana • Karaoke • Greg Williams

Saturday, April 13th

8:00 - 8:45 AM

Ballroom C • Breakfast

9:00 AM (two tracks)

Ballroom A • An Approach to Building Stories in a Backlog • Matt Fletcher

Building a backlog from scratch is not easy. Your team likely has a mountain of work in front of them. How can you break it into bite sized chunks? How do you see through dependences and not become paralyzed with "I'm not sure what to do because there are too many imperfect options" ?

Over the years I've developed an approach that works well for me. The approach is based partly on my technical background, partly from my years studying design, and partly from an abusive Scrum master that accidentally taught some good lessons.

Along the way I'll share some lessons on more abstract topics, like decision making, but grounded within the context of building stories.

Ballroom B • Domain-Driven Design, Hexagonal Architecture, CQRS, and ES, OH MY! • Jason Porritt

The almost-irresponsibly overloaded introduction to useful system design concepts that all Atomic developers should be aware of. In just 40 minutes we'll review Domain-Driven Design (DDD), Hexagonal Architecture, Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS), Event Sourcing (ES), and look at what happens when their powers combine. You should leave the talk with some foundational knowledge, a freshly-kindled spark of curiosity, and resources to continue fueling the fire.

9:40 AM (two tracks)

Ballroom A • Swieton's Grand Unified Theory of Agile & Design • Mike Swieton

Teams can succeed at “Agile” - whatever that might mean to them - with slapdash, haphazard processes. Conversely, teams sometimes fail despite disciplined practices. What’s the difference?

The difference is a shared vision: shared knowledge driving complementary decisions throughout the team.

A practice - any practice - never brings success on its own. Success comes from the knowledge that practice builds. A useful body of knowledge will inform good decisions on each front: technical (how complex to build, when to refactor,) design (like scope, priorities,) and business (such as budget.)

In this session I’ll share my framework for understanding how practices relate to each other, and how they contribute knowledge to the team and stakeholders. Armed with this knowledge, teams can make intentional improvements and find more reliable success.

Ballroom B • I (Don't) Know What You Did Last Thursday • Kyle Harris

This talk will build on my blog post about how the Masterpiece team started using the term "Last Thursdays" in requirements gathering around workflows and context scenarios to get users to think critically about how their tasks can deviate from the norm. It will also touch on how we've started incorporating this concept with other clients earlier on in the engagement to get further ahead, and provide Atoms with the tools and anecdotal stories to effectively use this moving forward.

10:10 AM

Morning Break

10:40 AM (single track)

Ballroom A & B • Detangling Marketing’s Marketing Problem: Purpose and PR at Atomic Object • Elaine Ezekiel

Last month, I had a conversation with a friend who let me know they didn’t believe in marketing. They said they thought it was a less-than-ethical discipline. The same person was wearing a shirt from a favorite conference and was holding onto a water bottle covered in stickers for teams, games, and companies they admired. Clearly, this person was influenced by marketing—but they didn’t see it, because they equated marketing as something unsavory.

In this talk, I'll introduce an expansive definition of marketing, demonstrate its power, and show how it can help each of us find more meaning in our work at Atomic.

11:20 AM (single track)

Ballroom A & B • The Tech Lead Role • Drew Colthorp

So we have this role, "tech lead". What does that mean? What does the role look like? If someone wants to become a tech lead, work with a tech lead, or get better at being a tech lead, how should they think about what makes good performance in the role? And how does that role those of other team members?

I'll explore these questions, as well as show examples of how the role can play out on projects of different sizes, customers, etc. We'll look at the sometimes contradictory areas of concern for a tech lead, their role in the HCD process, as well as ideas and techniques for executing within the role and our agile process.

12:00 PM

Ballroom C • Lunch

1:30 PM (two tracks)

Ballroom A • Storytelling Workshop • Mike Marsiglia

Humans are programmed to respond positively to stories. Storytelling helps us communicate and persuade on an emotional level.

Storytelling doesn't have to be a magical skill that only a few people are able to leverage. Techniques and templates exist for all of us to learn how to tell compelling stories.

In this workshop we will:

  • Discuss why storytelling is important

  • Outline the major components of a story

  • Discuss 8 known meta stories

  • Individually compose, practice, and get feedback on a story that can be retold to future employees or clients

Ballroom B • AWS Serverless Workshop • Joe Chrysler

The AWS marketing team has been busy. Clients increasingly know that name and come to us expecting expertise in cloud platforms and serverless architecture. Do you have what it takes to advise them successfully in a world where everything is a service, but nothing is a server? 😱

In this 2 hour workshop, we’ll tour the myriad services that make up the AWS cloud, build & deploy a few Internet Scale™️ application backends, and talk through the unique architectural opportunities, challenges, and trade-offs of this fascinating E(verything)aaS platform.

3:40 PM

Ballroom A & B • CQC Presentation • Kristin Ekkens

4:45 PM

Company Photo - Bryan Elkus

Post-Conference Schedule

7:00 PM

Ballroom A & B • Dinner

8:00 PM

Ballroom A & B • You're 'avin' a giraffe, how to talk Cockney • Phil Kirkham

8:20 PM

Ballroom A & B • Atomic Story Slam • Mary DeYoung

Sunday, April 14th

8:00 - 9:30 AM

Ballroom A & B • Breakfast