Let's plan a conference together!

Atomic Con is a special chance to teach and learn - we want your best ideas to shape the schedule. 

We've opened the schedule to all your ideas for valuable knowledge-sharing and social events. If you want to schedule a hacking session - submit your proposal! If you'd like to plan a spicy food eating contest, submit it!

It's ok to submit ideas that will appeal to a subset of Atoms - as long as you think 10 or more Atoms will be interested, then we're interested.

If you submit an idea, you're either volunteering to lead the event, or you're volunteering to talk someone into leading it. We will also ask for some details about the time and resources needed to plan and run the event. We'll let you know by August 18th if your idea has made the schedule. Once approved, your time preparing for the event will be punchable.

Ok! Let's plan a conference! Click the button below to submit your proposal!

Atomic Con submissions are due by August 7th. 

Deadlines & Timing

Proposals will be accepted now through August 7th.

Submitters will be notified of acceptance status by August 18th.

The Atomic Con final agenda will be available by October 1st.

What should I talk about?

If you can blog about it, you can speak about it! Suggested topics include but are not limited to Software, Hardware, Design, Project Stories, and Soft Skills such as writing, speaking and handling conflict. Have a wacky idea for a talk? Just let us know.

Is your topic original? Controversial? Inspiring? Entertaining? Something pragmatic that Atoms can put to use? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, Atomic Con wants to know.

We really want to take advantage of this conference to spread our best ideas and teach best approaches. We also want everyone to have a great time, so do feel free to be creative with your proposals.

Can I punch this?

Once an proposal is accepted, time spent preparing it will be punchable.