When is it? 
The conference starts Friday evening, March 18th. We'll begin with dinner at the Boat House and have a lively night of social events. If you are arriving after 8 PM, please give Jesse or Terri a call. The conference program runs from 6:00 PM Friday through late Saturday afternoon. All Atoms are invited to stay Saturday night - this is optional but we promise it'll be a blast - we'll provide dinner, drinks, rooms, and breakfast Sunday morning.

Where is it?
The conference will be held at the Bay Pointe Inn on Gun Lake. Expect about a 40 minute drive from the Grand Rapids office, and about 2 hours from Ann Arbor.

What's planned Friday night?
In the interest of keeping costs down (and profit sharing up!), we'd like everyone to try to get their billable hours in for the week prior to leaving for the conference.  Dinner will start at 6 PM, the Hadron Session will start at 7 PM, and we'll have AO storytime and other exciting social events starting at 8 PM.

What's planned on Saturday?
We'll have technical talks, workshops, open spaces and other events throughout the day. Expect the conference schedule to run through 4 PM. 

What about Saturday night?
We encourage everyone to stay Saturday night if they can for a less structured but exciting opportunity to spend time together.

What should I punch?
We're asking that everyone try to punch their normal billable work prior to leaving for the conference, and punch 8 hours to "Atomic Conference / Training - Atomic Internal Conference 2016 - Attendance" for their time on Saturday. We're asking that you not punch travel time and we'll make it up to you with lovely company, food, swag and drinks.

Can I expense mileage?
Yes, but if you plan to, please try to fill up your vehicle with Atoms.

Who should attend? 
All Atoms are invited. Since this is a technical conference the event will be for employees only.

Do I have to present?
No, but you'll have a better time if you do! About 75% of the company took part in the conference schedule in 2014, and we are opening up the schedule to a wider variety of events this time around so if you would like to be involved but don't relish the idea of a formal talk, get in touch with the planning committee for ideas.

Who decides on the conference schedule?
All of you - we're asking for your participation to help shape the content of the conference, so we hope you'll submit ideas for the events you'd most like to participate in. The planning committee will put together a schedule from the submissions we receive. We'll try to accommodate as many submissions as we can, but ask you to understand that we most likely won't be able to include every submission this year.

Do I need to book a room?
Terri will coordinate booking rooms. In the usual AO tradition, we'll be sharing rooms to cut down on cost. Let Terri know who you'd like to room with, or we'll be happy to pick a "room pair" for you. We assume most folks will want to stay Saturday night, so please also let us know if you only need a room Friday night.

Does the hotel have a gym or a pool?
Yes! There's a pool, a hot tub, and a fitness room.

Is the wifi going to be any better this year?
Yes, it should be better. But please don't rely on connectivity for your sessions.

Where can I share my slides or find other people's presentations?
Please use the shared Drive folder.