A smashing good time. 

Come collide with your fellow atoms! The Hadron Session is a happy hour and poster session rolled into one! Presenters will set up a poster or demo, and host ad hoc discussions about their work. Attendees will make their way around the room, join in conversations, ask questions, and learn what their fellow Atoms have been up to.

Hadron Session signup closes October 17th. 

Should I should sign up?

If you're presenting during another session at the conference, you've been at AO longer than five years, or you're a managing partner, we'd like to ask you to be part of the audience for this event. Please mingle, ask questions, have a good time. Otherwise, we'd very much encourage you to sign up! Show off some of that great work you've been doing!

Presenter FAQs

  • What should I present?
    Consider presenting a project you've worked on during the year, a tool or practice that would help your fellow Atoms get their work done, or something that inspires you.

  • Do I need a poster?
    You don't need a poster! If a demo on your laptop is more effective, great. If you have a piece of hardware that you'd like to show, awesome (no Dexter washer-dryers please). You'll likely want something to attract an audience to your table, but what that is is up to you. Low fidelity is encouraged. 
  • Where do I get a poster board, if I want one?
    Let Terri know if you need one, and she'll coordinate.
  • Does my topic need to be approved?
    Nope. We're asking you to sign up so that we know how many tables to set up. 
  • Can I present with a pair?
    Sure! But we'll probably want to keep it to no more than two people per presentation.
  • How long is this session?
    It'll run for an hour.
  • Is my preparation time punchable?
    Yes, please aim to punch around 2-3 hours to "Atomic Conference / Training: Atomic Internal Conference - Hadron Session Preparation". You should have something ready to show and a few talking points - just enough to get a conversation started.