When is it? 
You're invited to on Thursday evening, Nov 20th. We'll have a reception at the front door of the conference center from 6-8 pm to give a quick orientation when you arrive. If you are arriving after 8pm, please give Jesse (616-366-2249)  or Terri (616-485-5132) a call. Please note we will not be providing dinner on Thursday but we will have drinks and snacks available in the pub. The conference program runs from 9:00 AM Friday through Saturday afternoon.

Where is it?
The conference will be held at the Yarrow Golf and Conference Center, northwest of Battle Creek.

Is anything planned Thursday night?
Nothing formal. We expect that people will be arriving throughout the evening and so we don't have any events scheduled. There will be snacks and drinks provided in the pub, and we encourage everyone to come hang out.

Who should attend? 
All Atoms are invited. Since this is a technical conference the event will be for employees only.

Do I need to book a room?
Terri will coordinate booking rooms. In the usual AO tradition, we'll be sharing rooms to cut down on cost. We're excited to pick a "room pair" for you but if you have a special request, let Terri know. We assume most folks will want to come out Thursday night, so please also let us know if you only need a room Friday night.

Does the hotel have a gym?
It does not. Bring your snow gear!

Can I stay through the weekend?
The conference program will end Saturday afternoon. You're free to make any plans you'd like afterwards.

How do I get there?
Everyone will arrange their own transportation to and from the conference. Carpooling is encouraged. We will be happy to facilitate that in November. Additionally, we are thrilled to have found a venue that is somewhat centrally located and not too great a distance from any of our 3 offices!

Is the conference punchable?
Everyone will punch 8 hours of conference time on Friday. Like previous internal conferences, Saturday will not be punchable time. Please punch to the "Atomic Internal Conference - Attendance" story under the "Atomic Conference / Training" project.

Where can I share my slides or find other people's presentations?
Please use the shared Drive folder.