You've owned it. Now teach it. 

Atomic Con is a special chance to teach and learn – an event that comes but once a year. Consider sharing with your peers the interesting things you’ve spent time learning over the past year. Your audience doesn’t get better than this.

Atomic Con submissions are due by August 1st. 

Deadlines & Timing

Proposals will be accepted now through August 1st.

Submissions will be notified of their status by August 15th.

Atomic Conference final agenda will be available by November 1st.

What should I talk about and for how long?

If you can blog about it, you can speak about it! Suggested topics include but are not limited to Software, Hardware, Design, Project Stories, and Soft Skills such as writing, speaking and handling conflict. Have a wacky idea for a talk? Just let us know.

Is your topic original? Controversial? Inspiring? Entertaining? Something pragmatic that Atoms can put to use? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, Atomic Con wants to know.

Expect to speak for between 30-45 minutes. Projectors will be available for slides, photos, and video content. While all of AO is at the conference, it’s likely that you’ll present alongside other talks. Expect an audience of between 20-25 people.

Can I punch this?

Once a talk is accepted, time spent preparing it will be punchable. More details in August!